Johann Scherzer One System Consulting e.U.

One System Photo Project

One System also performs commercial photographic activities. Please contact us for more details and areas.

Some samples of our products can be accessed by the links below:
Calendar 2023 Africa Zimbabwe (8MB)
Calendar 2022 Africa Botswana/Zimbabwe (7MB)
Calendar 2022 Africa Birds (4MB)
Calendar 2021 Africa South Luangwa (16MB)
Calendar 2021 Africa Kafue (16MB)
Calendar 2021 Africa Birds (16MB)
Calendar 2020 Africa Mabuasehube/Kgalagadi (7MB)
Calendar 2020 Africa Mana Pools (8MB)
Calendar 2020 Birds (5MB)
Calendar 2019 Birds (4MB)
Calendar 2019 Africa (6MB)
Calendar 2018 (9MB)
Calendar 2018 Gaubitsch (6MB)
Calendar 2017 (14MB)

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