Johann Scherzer One System Consulting e.U.

Mission Statement

One System Consulting was founded in 1998 and is led by Mr Johann Scherzer, an expert with 20 years of experience in ATM and aerospace. As a small company and therefore not directly eligible for huge projects it mostly has provided its services as a subcontractor of larger legal entities. Nevertheless, as can be seen in the reference overview, One System Consulting has played a major role in the European SES environment and in many activities related to European ATM, and it intends to continue playing this role also in future.

The trade name One System was chosen for our team as we always see every activity not isolated but as one system consisting of people, procedures and equipment and we consider it very important to look at each activity in its entirety.

One System Consulting consists of a small core team and extends its resources by freelancers and other small companies to form an adequate team for the project. This approach is very efficient and effective as exactly the qualification needed can be incorporated into the project team as well as to minimize the operative cost.