Johann Scherzer One System Consulting e.U.

Successful Services

  1. Project: M-NAV Modernisation Project - SES Compliance
    Client: Macedonian Air Navigation Service Provider (EBRD project)
    Expert months provided: 9
    One System assists M-NAV with establishing the required procedures and processes to ensure compliance with the applicable SES standards. These activities include:
    1. Definition of M-NAV Regulative Baseline (SES and local);
    2. Assessment of M-NAV documentation against SES regulations;
    3. Production of several manuals and process descriptions for M-NAV (mostly management, interoperability, safety, security and contingency related);
    4. Production of many improvement proposals for M-NAV documentation (Safety Management Manual, CNS Manual, ATS Manual, Quality Manual, etc.).

  2. Project: One Air Traffic Management System
    Client: One Air Traffic Management System (OATMS), ANS CR, Austro Control, Slovenia Control
    Expert months provided: 10
    Mr Scherzer was the Technical Programme Director of the legal entity for 3 years and this activity included:
    1. Set-up of ISO 9001/SES Regulations compliant management of the legal entity;
    2. Set-up and management of the safety management activities;
    3. Set-up and management of a specification and procurement preparation for a joint ATS system in conformance with the SES IOP requirements.

  3. Project: FAB CE
    Client: FAB CE (Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Croatia)
    Expert months provided: 20
    Mr Scherzer has been the Programme Management Support expert for safety management, interoperability and management process tuning; this activity included:
    1. Definition and set-up of an ISO 9001 and SES Regulations conform management system and description of the FAB CE Implementation Programme Plan;
    2. Production of a FAB CE Safety Management Manual;
    3. Production of a Generic Safety Case for CPDLC as a basis for the ANSPs’ CPDLC Safety Case;
    4. Production of a Generic Declaration of Verification (DoV IOP) for CPDLC as a basis for the ANSPs’ CPDLC DoV.

  4. Project: New ATCC
    Client: Slovenia Control
    Expert months provided: 60
    Migration of the ACC to the new location at the aerodrome Brnik; as Programme Manager for the complete technical Migration Programme Mr Scherzer and his team performed the following activities:
    1. Definition and set-up of an ISO 9001 and SES Regulations conform migration management system;
    2. Production of all safety cases of all (22) functional ATM systems (scope: technical and operational) at the new ATCC Brnik;
    3. Production of the Slovenia Control Unit Safety Case and discussion/coordination with the Slovene NSA until operational approval/certificate of the new unit was obtained;
    4. Production of all (14) DoVs according to Reg. (EC) No 552/2004 and discussion/coordination with the Slovene NSA until operational approval/certificate of the new unit;
    5. Development of Slovenia Control’s technical procurement manual to ensure compliance of suppliers’ deliveries with the applicable SES regulations related to safety and interoperability (Reg. (EC) No 552/2004);
    6. Acting as single point of contact for Slovenia Control to the NSA for all operational approval/certification related issues until certification for operational use of the new ATM system was achieved.

  5. Project: TopSky SW Safety
    Client: COOPANS Consortium/Irish Aviation Authority
    Assessment of the supplier’s processes for compliance with the:
    1. Safety requirements;
    2. IOP requirements according to Reg. (EC) No 552/2004;
    3. Reg. (EC) No 482/2008 and ED-153 Guidelines for ANS Software Safety.

  6. Project: NG-AATMS
    Client: Austro Control/Austria
    Expert months provided: 1.6
    Safety Assessment for the new COOPANS/Thales TopSky ATM system as basis for operational approval by the Austrian NSA:
    1. Operational safety assessment (FHA);
    2. PSSA including apportionment of results to subsystems.

  7. Project: BFAL Certification
    Client: Black Forest Airport Lahr/Germany
    Mr Scherzer was assigned to support the ANS and CNS service provider to achieve the ANS and CNS certification according to Reg. (EC) No 550/2004/Article 7. These activities included:
    1. Definition and set-up of an ISO 9001 conform quality management system;
    2. Support of definition of the SES requirements conform processes;
    3. Production of the Operational Safety Management Handbook (it describes all operational and management processes and was the basis for successful ATS certification).

  8. Project: EAD System Implementation
    Mr Scherzer was contracted to set up and manage the IT related EAD Programme of the supplier consortium. This task included:
    1. Set-up of a new organisational unit with SES compliant processes as well as a safety management system with ESARR compliance. Mr Scherzer managed the organisational unit and the Programme 2000-2003;
    2. Management of the EAD system implementation and set-up of the IT service provision;
    3. Management of all system safety assessment activities up to the operational cut-over of EAD.